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That's part of a way bigger argument for gender equality in entertainment and society at large that's a bit beyond this wiki's scope to fully explore.A list of female Transformers from all continuities is available. Both terms have recently appeared in a piece of official fiction: Venus magazine.That was dropped to make it more visually clear that these were the female characters.Humans are just conditioned to associate certain looks like certain genders.In almost all cases female Transformers are portrayed as comparatively more graceful of form, and more rounded and curved in general, than their male counterparts.Often they have a more than passing resemblance to a slender human female made of metal and wearing armor and kibble. Characters with toys could have been bulky and less overtly human-female-like, which was seen in the Unicron Trilogy series and some latter expansions of the Generation 1 series out of Japan, when the characters are often assigned to pre-existing "masculine" toys.Mittlerweile wird sie von ihrem Bruder gemanagt und gründete 2001 ihre eigene Produktionsfirma Jill Kelly productions, bei der Darstellerinnen wie Jenna Haze und Alexis Amore unter Vertrag standen.Die Firma ging im August 2005 in Konkurs und wurde im April 2006 zwangsversteigert.

Sie wurde aufgrund ihrer jahrelangen Leistungen für die Pornoindustrie in die AVN Hall of Fame aufgenommen.Immer wieder begegnen Sie den Menschen, die hier ...Finden und vergleichen Sie über 8.000 besondere Reiseangebote von mehr als 350 geprüften Spezialreiseanbietern.Lassen Sie sich von unseren Angeboten inspirieren oder Ihre Wunschreise ganz nach Ihren individuellen Bedürfnissen von unseren Reiseexperten planen. Well, I remember bringing up that question early on with Hasbro, "are any of these female?

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