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But when you then continue your journey and touch out at Wandsworth Town it changes to a peak mixed NR/Tf L zone 3 journey.

Armed with this knowledge there are two ways to get round it.

Bellisario and Don Mc Gill as a backdoor pilot with the season eight episodes "Ice Queen" and "Meltdown" of JAG.

He enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1976 and became a Scout Sniper.

This is another of the great benefits for Oyster users over paper tickets, yet some of those benefits are not explained very well on the Tf L site.

If you have a travelcard season stored on your Oyster and want to travel beyond the covered zones then you can use your pay-as-you-go balance to pay for the extra bit (or bits).

Most of the time this will only make a few pence difference, but it can be more.

If your journey started in the evening peak then the first stage (Stratford – Waterloo) is charged off-peak as it finishes in zone 1.

Since then, he has been married and divorced three times, and is single, although he has had a number of romantic relationships since his last divorce.Thus if you have a zone 2-4 travelcard and pop into Central London one evening you only pay for zone 1 single fares**.With paper you would be charged from the last zone 2 station.Gibbs leads a Major Case Response Team (MCRT) consisting of field agents Anthony Di Nozzo, Timothy Mc Gee, and Ellie Bishop, supported by forensic scientist Abby Sciuto and medical examiner Dr. In the episode "Bête Noire", Gibbs comes face to face with terrorist Ari Haswari and tries to kill him but fails.Finding Ari later becomes an obsession for Gibbs after Ari shoots and kills original team member Kate Todd in front of Gibbs and Di Nozzo in the season two finale, "Twilight".

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