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Should that occur, run, don’t walk, towards WMT stock!

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But at some point we have to ask ourselves: is this constant reel of 24-hour news really a good thing?

I mean, as a thought exercise, just imagine what would happen if there was nothing “newsworthy” to report. Producers would take whatever had the highest marginal “newsworthy-ness” and they would make a big deal out of it.

If ever the axiom “Go big or go home” applies, it’s in the realm of TV news today.

In order to fill 24 hours, these channels are increasingly coming up with ideas for formats, hosts, audiences, etc., as a business. Then we began getting “themed” shows; like Panel discussions for example We The People, calling top politicians who would combat each other in formal debates for example Muqabla, calling celebrities and asking them personal questions for example-aap ki adalat by the very famous rajat sharma.

Best Buy declined to comment on the Billboard report.

One reason for the ongoing decrease in sales is the rise in music streaming and digital media.

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