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In KJNP’s booklet “Miracles in North Pole,” Don tells of flying his Cessna to the Lower 48 one winter to install skis on the plane and of being delayed by bad weather on the return trip.

He finally arrived in Fairbanks by mid-December, but a prolonged period of 50 below zero temperatures prevented him from returning to Stevens Village for Christmas.

Dick Olson, president of Calvary’s Northern Lights Mission and the present station manager, told me that waste heat from the 50,000-watt transmitter (with hot-burning vacuum tubes) provided heat for the entire building. Regarding the tower for the TV antenna, it was trucked to Alaska in two sections, both strapped to a 50-foot long semi-trailer.This room is also where Corruptus starts on Night 6.When he becomes active, the room's light, the TV and the computer turns on, the last two showing a close-up of Corruptus' face.Don and Genevieve (Gen) Nelson, the station’s founders, came to Alaska in 1956 as missionaries based at Stevens Village, a small Athabascan community along the Yukon River northwest of Fairbanks.Don was a Bush pilot, and he and Gen flew regularly to nearby communities to hold services.

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