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Planned Parenthood is passionate about three things: sexual and reproductive health care, education, and advocacy.At Planned Parenthood, you get expert care from an organization that shares your values. Wade, feminist apparel company Wildfang launched a fundraising campaign to support Planned Parenthood. Your gift will help support Planned Parenthood’s clinical services, comprehensive sex education programs, and our advocacy efforts to ensure access to health care.I am also the current President of Trans Action South Dakota. I am proud to be the President of such an awesome organization, in a position to be able to help my transgender and gender non-conforming brothers and sisters in any way God sees fit.I have become a leader of my community, and I know that I have a responsibility to live up to everything that our members and community would expect from me.j So, here’s my deal. Every human being has a soul, and that soul is a small piece of God, or your creator, or whomever your higher power is. Physical attributes, personality, sexual orientation, gender identity, color, race, religion, etc.In my opinion that is between the members of the military, the government, and the insurance companies. Therefore, a transgender woman (male to female) has to meet all requirements required of cis-gender females.Not John Q public, most of whom never served a day of military service in their lives. Which also means that a transgender man (female to male) has to meet all requirements required of cis-gender males. Donald Trump is loosing ground at ground breaking speeds in a loosing battle to replace Obamacare.This is the quote that President Trump posted on Twitter in the early morning hours of Wednesday July 26th, 2017. Was I surprised waking up to this on the news this morning? be looked upon as a financial burden or as a disruption? So why would anyone think the taxpayers pay for sex reassignment surgery?Yes, this from the Presidential candidate who said he would protect the transgender and LGBTQ community once he got into office. How can you say and possibly think that transgender citizens join the military just to get sex reassignment surgery for free? I have a friend who works at Target who’s benefits will cover sex reassignment surgery. Do military personnel receive medical, dental, vision and other benefits?

Oh wait, there is no burden because everyone has to meet the same mental and physical standards as everyone else, no exceptions! Why, because their best interest is for the good of the Americans who can’t afford insurance for themselves.

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