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The AI can be fed rules—like “Don’t go over the speed limit” or “Don’t beep the horn to scare cyclists”—that can counter some bad human habits.But good luck identifying and countering all of those habits.The most famous case of AI breaking bad was Microsoft’s experimental Twitter bot called Tay.Created in 2016 as a female persona, it was supposed to learn how to interact with people by interacting with people.

The good news is that computer scientists know this is a problem, and it might even present an opportunity.Sooner or later, one of these bots will mutate into a personality right out of This sexist scenario highlights one of the great challenges we’ll face with AI: It learns from humans. Researchers have found that AI tends to latch on to excesses and go hard in that direction.This means that an AI soaking up the wrong signals from an already biased work culture could double down on its learnings and turn into an HR nightmare.Loutish AI behavior won’t reach the grotesque levels of a Bill O’Reilly or Harvey Weinstein, given that a software bot can’t exactly open its robe and demand a massage.But we’re entering an era when Siri-like conversational AI will be embedded in the workplace, listening and commenting from, say, speakers in conference rooms.

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