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This allowed creator Hugh Wilson to move away from farcical radio-based stories, which is what CBS mostly wanted at the beginning, and start telling stories that, while not necessarily serious, were more low-key and character-based.

To allow the ensemble cast to mingle more, the set was expanded.

In 2008, an unrelated independent television station in Cincinnati, WBQC-LD, took advantage of local nostalgia for the sitcom, promoting its conversion to digital broadcasting by rebranding as "WKRP-TV Cincinnati".

WKRP had two musical themes, one opening and the other closing the show.

Rounding out the cast are super receptionist Jennifer Marlowe and enthusiastic junior employee Bailey Quarters.

Lurking in the background and making an occasional appearance is ruthless business tycoon Mrs.

Hesseman, Reid and Anderson also reprised their roles on this show as guest stars.

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WKRP was given a new timeslot, one of the best on the network, following M*A*S*H.The mid-season timeslot change didn't affect the show's success; WKRP finished at #22 in the ratings for its second year.For the next two seasons, however, the writers and producers often had to fight CBS over what kind of content was appropriate for a show in the so-called family hour.For the next decade, it was one of the most popular sitcoms in syndication, outperforming many programs which had been more successful in prime time, including all the other MTM Enterprises sitcoms.Jump, Sanders, and Bonner reprised their roles, appearing as regular characters in a spin-off/sequel series, The New WKRP in Cincinnati, which ran from 1991 to 1993 in syndication.

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