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A previously unseen communal office area ("the bullpen") was added to accommodate scenes with the entire cast.

Partway through the second season, the show was moved back to its original earlier time.

This allowed creator Hugh Wilson to move away from farcical radio-based stories, which is what CBS mostly wanted at the beginning, and start telling stories that, while not necessarily serious, were more low-key and character-based.

To allow the ensemble cast to mingle more, the set was expanded.

Carlson, the station's owner and the mother of Arthur Carlson.

For the next two seasons, however, the writers and producers often had to fight CBS over what kind of content was appropriate for a show in the so-called family hour.

To help bolster ratings, Travis hires a new disc jockey, New Orleans native Gordon Sims (Venus Flytrap); and allows spaced-out former major market DJ Dr.

Johnny Fever, already doing mornings in the easy listening format as John Caravella, to be himself.

CBS executives wanted to free up the prized post-M*A*S*H slot for House Calls (with former M*A*S*H star Wayne Rogers).

They also felt that the rock and roll music and the sex appeal of Loni Anderson were better-suited to the earlier slot, which at that time was thought of as mostly aimed at young people.

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