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My 2 biggest complaints are that you can’t search people using the ‘search’ function (no one I know pops up even when I search by the username) and that you can’t message the person back.

Fix this and this app would be great,” says Cara Wilson.“For all you people complaining that this promotes bullying is totally wrong.

Once the set up is complete, you are given four options: Messages (a dashboard for all the sent, received and favourited messages), Search, Explore (the app says it’s a new feature in the works), and Profile.

Clicking on the settings icon on the top right corner, you can further control elements such as email notifications and push notifications among others.

Whoever came up with this app was really dumb for creating it. Back in 2014, a messaging app called Secret had gone viral in a similar fashion.

I hope there can be consequences for the creator for allowing people to harass others to the point of someone wanting to kill themselves. The app allowed users to send anonymous messages on a social platform.

Welcome One of the hidden perks that not too many people know about is the free in-house refills.

It is completely the user’s fault for putting themselves online for anyone to say anything anonymously about them.

It’s simple, if you dont want to get bullied, just don’t use the app.

Now you can order a caramel flan latte at first, and later come back and ask for cup of caramel iced coffee as a free refill.

Plus, according to this article, “you can buy a Grande Cool Lime Refresher, and ask for a Iced Passion Tea in that cup as a refill.” All you need to do is give your barista your Starbucks card or scan your Starbucks app.

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