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But then fighting against the realisation that in truth, no matter what he was feeling, it wasn’t mutual and it wasn’t something that actually looked and felt good, kept me holding on for about a year. These intense feelings and protestations for this ‘amazing’ ‘soul mate’ relationship that never actually Relationships that aren’t mutual are like ‘restricted’ love. You’re free to let your imagination and even your libido run wild, it’s just that it’s incredibly painful when you realise that you’ve far outpaced reality.

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Loving someone alone or in an imbalanced, unsatisfying, often somewhat ambiguous setting is someone love you.

You’ve tried and it doesn’t work, so don’t continue to force it. How much of this is evidentially similar to what they claim to think, feel, see, and do?

It’s impossible to quantify what another person feels and work out if what you feel is what they feel.

Any one of us can profess anything we like, hence why love is an action feeling. If you look around and you see the results are, that you’re still waiting around for someone to give you back what you’ve already been putting out, or that you’re in pain, miserable with fleeting highs, or you’re actually regarded casually or as a ‘friend’, that’s a The first time I heard this line from the now infamous and heavily played song, I remember thinking that Adele could replace Mary J Blige as being the best Fallback Girl songwriter.

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