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If you are being asked to watch porn with someone or make a video of yourself, you should first think of what feels right for you.

It's against the law to have, share or look at images of child sexual abuse. This includes sexual pictures that someone, such as a partner, might have shared with you if they are under 18. It's important to remember that porn is made for adults.Or you can talk to a Childline counsellor to get some support. Remind yourself that: Masturbation is when you touch your body and your genitals (private parts) because it feels good.Some girls, boys and non-binary young people masturbate.Here's some things to remember about sex and porn: There are also some types of porn that involve violence, rape and sexual assault.It's normal for you to find this upsetting or uncomfortable to watch. If you're worried about porn that you have seen online and think it might be illegal, you can make a report to the IWF. Porn is very different from real life and watching it shouldn't make you feel bad about yourself.

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