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It had noticed an increase in these types of cases in the last two years, at a time when access to internet was increasing and South Africans were becoming increasingly internet savvy.Looking for love The Grabouw woman told News24 she had no idea why an individual or syndicate would have targeted her, but guessed they may have assumed she had a lucrative business because she was self-employed, or that she was looking for love because of her relationship status."If you look at my timeline, it doesn't show I am sad.If you ask most college-aged people about dating on Cape Cod, they would say it’s pretty much nonexistent.

Her clients were professional women in well-paying positions.

Between the two apps, I strongly believe Tinder is the better option for your dating needs.

Tinder allows both parties to message each other, whereas Bumble only allows the girl to send the guy the first message.

”Faking it She showed News24 an e-mail he sent, in which he purported to be half South African and working at a refinery in the United States.

He claimed he would be visiting SA for a year, was looking for friends, and wanted to know more about her. The photos he sent painted a picture of a single dad with fancy cars, a decent house and a penchant for bikes and boat trips.

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