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Although you are not seeing hydrogen fuel stations being built on every street corner, there is still a huge group of some of the best and brightest working hard to bring the future closer.

Sarah Studer and Zeric Hulvey are fellows at the Fuel Cell Technologies Office, and have created this Facebook Live presentation of an electrolyzer and fuel cell demonstration.

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Nikola is based in Salt Lake City and plans to lease its trucks for ,000 to ,000 a month beginning in 2020.

It will also include free hydrogen fuel for the first seven years or million miles.

New technology, new infrastructure, and new business models are the key factors to the progression of hydrogen as an energy source.

Like many “new” ideas, there is always a resistance factor that tends to slow things down, and create a catch 22 situation.

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Nicola Motor Company has released an 18-wheeler with a hydrogen fuel cell generator that allows 1,200 miles of range, along with plenty of torque and a low center of gravity.This has created a lot of negative reactions to the process, and new technology is the key to changing the way hydrogen fuel is produced.These advances involve using water electrolysis technology.The company also plans to build the hundreds of stations across the country to facilitate the free fuel incentive that will hopefully soothe the anxiety that has previously caused so much resistance.In addition to providing the truckers with free fuel, they will also allow anyone to fuel up for a reasonable price.

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