Galaxy s3 weather widget not updating

If you're not afraid to void your warranty, you can save a ton of juice by undervolting your Nexus 4, Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note II or other phone.

Unfortunately, a lot of apps that you would never share to such as Bluetooth transfer or Backup Assistant end up higher on the menu than ones you use every day like Twitter.

Also, look for automation apps like Tasker that program your phone to do different things based on your calendar, location or other conditions.

You can even configure the app so your phone doesn't ring whenever it sees a meeting on your calendar.

More: How to edit the share menu in Android The lock screen slows you down It may have an attractive weather widget, shortcuts to your favorite apps or even social updates, but for most, the Android lock screen is little more than an attractive speed bump that gets in the way every time you wake your phone.

If you want to hit the power button and go immediately back to whatever you were doing when your phone went to sleep, simply change the screen lock setting in the Android security menu.

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