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The setting of the first eleven chapters changes rapidly and it spans more than 2000 years and 1500 miles. The purpose of our journey through Genesis is to acquaint ourselves with the roots of our faith, giving us a solid base on which to begin our New Year with God. A small family of woodchucks has taken up residence in the Book. You become frustrated because Charlton Heston isn’t listed in your Bible’s concordance. You catch your kids looking at pictures in their Bibles of the garden of Eden and you demand, “Who gave you this trash? Genesis can be easily divided into two main sections.

To reveal how the sin of man is met by the intervention and redemption of God. I want to share with you the “Top Ten Ways to Know You Need to Study Genesis”: 1. What that tells me is that God is more interested in you and attaches more value to you than He does to the entire physical universe.

Nearly the entire Old Testament was originally written in Hebrew, and Genesis is no exception.

The original Hebrew title of Genesis is bereshit, which means “in beginning” (see 1:1a).

Adam is the head of the old creation; Christ is the Head of the new creation. On Christmas Day 1968, the three astronauts of Apollo 8 circled the dark side of the moon and headed for home.

Abel’s acceptable offering of a blood sacrifice points to Christ, and there is a parallel in his murder by Cain. Suddenly, over the horizon of the moon rose the blue and white earth, garlanded by the glistening light of the sun against the black void of space.

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