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Scientists have long said that males of almost every species are the sexual aggressors, because we’ve long believed that males are the universally dominant gender.But because we believe this, we overlook evidence to the contrary.We ascribe modern morality and concepts to our paleolithic ancestors because we believe that it was always thus.This is never more evident than in evolutionary psychology.

Eve’s sin – giving in to temptation – is the burden of gender.One of the biggest “discoveries” trumpeted around the Internet in 2009 was the stunning revelation that the human clitoris is actually much, much larger than previously thought – extending far into the body and actually bifurcating into branches and wrapping around the vagina like a pair wings. For reference, the penis was mapped via MRI in The clitoris was treated as a vestigal organ at best. And we, as a culture, continue to be incredibly uncomfortable with the idea of female sexuality or women having sexual agency.While thousands upon thousands of pages have been written about penile surgery – especially about restoring or enhancing sensation, the majority of medical information regarding the clitoris and clitoral hood consisted of dermatology. To be a woman in the modern world is to be placed at odds with one’s own sexual desires.The goal of evo-psych is to show that our modern behavior is inborn, that everything from whom we’re attracted to, to social dynamics, is born out of evolution instead of societal change.Women, for example, are built for monogamy and are less interested in sex in general – so the theory goes – because sperm is metaphorically cheap while eggs are expensive; there is less metabolic cost to men for producing sperm, while women not only generate the ovum, but place their health and safety at risk by bearing the child.

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