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The earliest known written accounts come from the USA and involve horse racing around 1902–1903, and the one who "spilled the beans" was an unlikely horse who won a race, thus causing the favorites to lose.By 1907 the term was being used in baseball, but the subject who "spilled the beans" shifted to players who made mistakes, allowing the other team to win.The following example is widely employed to illustrate the point: Understood compositionally, Fred has literally kicked an actual, physical bucket.

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Clicking on the Guide's logo at the top of a quiz-page will bring you back to this page.Idioms usually do not translate well; in some cases, when an idiom is translated directly word-for-word into another language, either its meaning is changed or it is meaningless.When two or three words are often used together in a particular sequence, the words are said to be irreversible binomials, or Siamese twins.Other navigational aids will appear at the bottom of each page.For students for whom English is a Second Language, we also highly recommend the Self-Study Quizzes for ESL Students, a project of The Internet TESL Journal.

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