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In accordance with the provisions of the Law relating to National Guard, there is compulsory military service for all male citizens of the Cyprus Republic including persons of Cypriot descent on the male side, who are resident of the Republic.The obligation commences in the year the person becomes 18 and continues to the year of his 50th birthday All those who are not Cypriot citizens but are of Cypriot descent (even if they had not acquired Cypriot citizenship), were born in 1960 or after, and reside in the Republic are obliged to do military service.We have hit the 12 week mark and the little man is in need of more cuddles. I was seriously thinking of catering as a change of career for me... Only one more lady did contact me Mmmmmm mousaka ..... its hard to find any nice veg in this country i come back from cyprus depressed looking at he greenish tomatoes over here ah that will be good keep me updated on your progress x Hi!

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They may, however, if they wish, enlist in the National Guard as volunteers and after serving for six months only, may apply for Cypriot citizenship without being liable for any further military obligation.well majority no im not but i love the culture and the food lol...thats really not helpful is it.well majority Oh my lovely seriously if I had more time I would have done it for you! X i am due on 15th having my shower on the 6th april,there are alot of birthdays end of april beginning of may so doing it before then!Obviously you don't have to be Greek to join ;-) Your partner might be Greek and he or she might be a bit of a cultural mystery some times lol.So everyone that shares the same interest is more than welcome no im not but i love the culture and the food lol...thats really not helpful is it.

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