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You will want to answer it with a powerful statement. If the employer suspects this, you may lose your chance to be employed with the company. How many types of validation controls are provided by ASP. This could be done either by explictly granting/denying rights based on the username — or use role based mappings to map authenticated users into roles. What are the various ways of authentication techniques in ASP. Datagrid has built in paging, sorting and editing capabilities which are not there with the other two controls. Instead of enabling tracing for individual pages, you can enable it for your entire application.

So if you want users to sort / page / edit data, datagrid is the natural choice. NET introduces new functionality that allows you to write debug statements, directly in your code, without having to remove them from your application when it is deployed to production servers. In that case, every page in your application displays trace information.

Let the interviewer know what motivates you the most.

Don’t tell them what they want to hear because you are trying to get the job.

If you’ve prepared for the interview beforehand, you should be able to answer this question without any problems. You must quickly be able to think about any challenges you’ve overcome.

The best way to answer this question is to be honest.

I also refined my technical writing and learned to prepare professional documents for clients.

Student Organizations: By working on multiple projects for different student organizations while keeping up my grades, I’ve built time management and efficiency skills.

However, the answer you give should be an honest one. Give us an example of a challenging situation you’ve overcome.

This is a request that will require you to know a lot about yourself.

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