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Of course I didn't understand what was said and my wife refused to translate while we were there as she didn't want to see me get into a brawl where I'd be outnumbered 20K to one. Sorry Rev, but you left yourself wide open that time.Yep, and another one here too I get some back-chat too, esp on the MRT or in public lifts.I've seen people ignore their own children to fawn over her.Now, another case I see a lot of is caucasian male/SE Asian female where the male is much older and out of shape, and the girl isn't particularly attractive but dresses like she's going to the bar with makeup and overly tight clothing.I won't identify our races or that of the people who think my SGn wife won't understand their verbal abuse.I've got to recognising some of the key-words (foreign language) that are said at times literally right behind my back. But, if they are playing to an audience and/or spitting with hate, I'll turn around, nodding, and smiling, and stare at the person concerned [a visual 'Really? This is ample to make them wish to disappear through the 'floorboards', especially if done in front of others/locals who will share the joke with you.

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I could understand if that particular type of couple received negative attention due to the stereotypes (fair or not) how those types of relationships started and what they're all about.

Public displays of affection are pretty taboo in Singapore (and most of Asia).

My spouse and I are an interracial couple (Asian and Caucasian). We're used to getting some pretty poor treatment at times over here.

Comments about marrying for appearances/money, not being served in restaurants, real estate agents 'forgetting' to call back, and so on. Again, since it's hard to notice these things unless they happen to you because you are in that position, I would especially appreciate any people in the same boat themselves giving any insights.

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