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What intragues me most is the potential to birth from both wombs simultaniously, that would be incredibly dangerous to try, childbirth causes tears and scaring, if she was to birth too soon (on the assuption they are located together) the damage could rip open the older wounds.

If as you say the doctors see one maturing better than the other, use that one for pregnancies, ( what world did i just wake up in that i say that on a monday afternoon). You being a contributor to this thread an' all sweetcheeks ;-)))....that flippin' rubber duck out the way Intresting thread, read around this subject before as find it fascinating, a lot of children in the past before DNA testing were made to be men as the family valued, boys more and brought them up that way, Also of intrest is the man that was born with an inverted penis, grew up as a girl, thought he was one, everyone did, was a skier, got pretty far in this, not sure if what competition it was but they tested everyone and found out he was really a man, shocker or what, now lives as a man, but did say used to want to do all boys stuff when he was a kid.

This one is really interesting, I didn't watch the programme, but my feelings based on reports i've read is that one shouldn't judge nature too soon, it would be a shame to see a 'boy' develop breasts if he was your son, I'd say its better to let the child mature enough to see what nature says about it, and let the child decide.

ibakecakes, that is fascinating, one liner deleted.

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How do you think you would you feel if someone you were seeing told you they were born intersexed?

In some cases, intersex traits are visible at birth while in others, they are not apparent until puberty.

Some chromosomal intersex variations may not be physically apparent at all.

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ques 3 my answer is something so personal that you could be judjed for people not understanding nope id expect the individule to tell me when he was sure he wouldnt get a negative ignorant responce live in a world that does judge this was not the individules fault he was born with both sexes ..

Well swan spirits, you have the most eloquent and compassionate response on here.

Lets just say i am an expert in this field, and trust me unless its discussed most partners would never ever know as by teens or early adult hood most people have been operated on, some choose not to, and i hardly think they would ever end up in a situation with a narrow mined ass, so you'd never now if this was your disposition, as intersex prop,e would not come into your vicinity, and only that of compassionate a ring people.

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