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Upon his death he ordered his body to be burned and his ashes scattered so as to prevent the "God of the Jews" from punishing him.Which commemorates Titus' conquest of Eretz Israel, was erected by his brother Emperor Domitian.So great were the Roman losses that the emperor in his annual report to the Senate left out the customary: "I and my army are well." Published a sermon "On the Passion" in which he blamed the Jews for the persecution and death of Jesus and absolved Pontius Pilate and the Romans from any guilt.Although there was much evidence to the contrary his stand served to rid the Romans of any responsibility or shame and thus encourage them to convert.After almost a year of fighting, Trajan's General, Marcius Turbo, succeeded in putting down the rebellion.In all of the cities, there was widespread destruction including the capital of Cyprus, Salamis, much of Alexandria, and most of the Island of Cyrene.There is a Jewish custom not to walk under the arch which depicts the taking of Jews into captivity as well as the vessels from the Temple.Early Christian philosopher, and author of Dialogue with Tryphon, as well as his Apologies.

This is based on the writings of Tacitus, a Roman historian.This is one of the first times the Jews were officially accused of deicide. He wrote Expository Treatise Against The Jews , which linked the condition of the Jews to their rejection of Jesus.He also identified the anti-Christ as being from the tribe of Dan.Josephus tried to whitewash Titus and claim that he was against the burning of the Temple.According to talmudic legend Titus challenged God to punish him, where upon God sent in a gnat which ate at his brain causing him terrible headaches until he died.

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