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Numbered as one of the emperors friendly to the Jews.

Part of his attitude was in response to the support he received from the Jewish communities in his war against Pescennius Niger, who had once told a Jewish delegation that he was sorry he couldn't tax the air they breathed.

In Alexandria, the great synagogue and library were destroyed as well.

As a result, Jews were forbidden to live in Cyprus.

This is one of the first times the Jews were officially accused of deicide. He wrote Expository Treatise Against The Jews , which linked the condition of the Jews to their rejection of Jesus.

The last major stronghold in Judea fell against overwhelming Roman forces.While Trajan (98-117) was busy fighting against the Armenians and Parthians, a revolt which was mainly led by Jews, broke out in Cyprus, Egypt, and Cyrene on the north coast of Africa.In Cyrene, it was led by a Jewish "king" called Lukuas, and in Cyprus by Artemion.It is one of the earliest examples of Adversos-Judaeum , theology, which concludes that Jews have been abandoned by God, and thus by the church and all Christians.It was read in churches in the first three centuries, though it was not included as part of the canon.

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