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In this series of articles, I've raised several biblical principles regarding the way we should treat our brothers and sisters in Christ.

First Thessalonians 4:1-8 admonishes us not to wrong or "defraud" our brother or sister by implying a marital level of commitment (through sexual involvement) when it does not exist.

If you are not able to see them, I urge you to seek a good Christian counsellor to assist you.

I have found personally and in the lives of others that we learn MORE when things are NOT working than when they are.

Relationships need to grow from fertile seeds being planted and time allowed for them to grow into a healthy plant/relationship.

You may be rushing yourself into a lot of pain if you try to take shortcuts.

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Don’t rush into a relationship Do not rush into relationships quickly.This does happen – but the chances of it happening are less than winning any lottery!If you find yourself saying this, I would seek the counsel of a good friend who is honest and mature enough to speak the truth to you.If they continue to contact YOU, then they likely wish to build a Christian Friendship.If they do not make contact, then I suggest that you honor them and move on. The relationship may have triggered some issues in them that they need to process through.

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