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We once overheard a comment from a stranger saying “where do I get myself a hot Asian girl?

Review for current formula: A bright, crisp pear with underlying citrus. It is a nice fresh, clean fragrance without being soapy and with a very classy feel to it BUT is it worth the price tag? I recently was fortunate enough to sample J'dore Extrait de Parfum and J'adore Touch de Parfum, which are apparently closer to the original formulation and I can certainly understand why lovers of the original would be highly dissapointed in the current formulation, they are worlds apart.

I don't know about the sillage, but the longevity is pretty good, for me at least. If I think about it too hard that actually smells like laundry detergent, but I try not to go there.

That said,i don't think it has that Dior signature smell,but i like it for what it is,a pleasant,sweet,flowery,clean perfume,something we all need sometimes. I had come to like the soap with a hint of melon, that was heavy and unrelenting. It smells like the fanciest French soap, absolutely gorgeous as long as you like Soapy smells.

” I was born and raised in Toronto by my parents who were also raised in Toronto, so I was just as westernized as these guys were.

When I received messages from other people of colour, they didn’t even mention anything about the fact that I was Asian.

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