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Gardephe said he was 'shocked' that the government had left Tuzman to his face, even as there was 'credible evidence here that this man is undergoing significant abuse, to the point that there is reason to be concerned about his life.'He also demanded the government 'tell me face to face they can't do anything about the conditions this man is in, and that if he has to stay there for nine months, there is nothing they can do about that.'Prosecutors suggested that he could be moved to Combita - something that also 'shocked' the judge, who said he'd heard horror stories from there too.But despite his fear at being hauled away by Columbian cops, they wouldn't tell him anything more - including why he was to be locked up.'I begged to know why,' he said.'All they would say was that it was at the direction of the US government.'But the government never contacted Tuzman's lawyer about having him voluntarily surrender to them so he could return to the US.Omar Amanat — who was once dubbed “the most powerful person in Hollywood you’ve never heard of” — was found guilty of defrauding investors in a tech startup reportedly at the center of a complex fraud that spanned from New York to Dubai.Amanat, who had boasted that he had produced some of the “Twilight” films and famously fought a legal battle with billionaire Vladislav Doronin over the ultraluxury Aman Resorts, was found guilty Tuesday of defrauding investors by manipulating shares for the digital-video software startup KIT Digital Inc.

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