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Families enjoyed the interactive installations at Walkergate, Prince Bishops Shopping Centre and Millennium Place, where hundreds tweeted their "love" for Lumiere in response to Aidan Moesby's periodic table of emotions: Sagacity.

At Milburngate, the vast kinetic fire installation, Fire Tornado by Ivo Schoofs drew enthusiastic crowds, whilst others contemplated quieter more serene works, such as Drawn in Light at Elvet Bridge, What Matters at St Oswald's, and White Line by Adam Frelin, a deceptively simple installation that elegantly retraced a former bridge over the River Wear.

First estimates indicate that around 240,000 people visited the free festival over the past four nights, many of whom explored the outer reaches of the footprint to discover some of the most popular artworks such as What Matters, Cosmic Architecture, and For The Birds.

Lumiere is produced by Artichoke, the UK's leading producers of art in the public realm, and commissioned by ourselves with additional support from Arts Council England, Durham University and a host of further funders and supporters.

The couple settled in Dallas but struggled to find a place for their young family and Oswald was living apart from Marina and their two young daughters when President Kennedy was shot dead on November 22, 1963.

Due to her relationship with Oswald, Marina found herself the focus of intense scrutiny, so has spent many years hidden away in the small town, where a sign at the end of her driveway warns to 'Keep Out'.

For the 2017 edition, 29 spectacular artworks and installations created an illuminated trail right across the city.

Marina told a press conference in 1977: 'I believe that Lee acted alone in this murder and shot the President , ironically a man whom he respected and admired'.

But she now no longer believes he killed the president Friends say the 72-year-old grandmother and mother-of-three, whose greying brown hair was swept back in a ponytail, has lived as a virtual recluse since after her last television interview a quarter of a century ago.

The BRILLIANT commission showcased the talent of five local artists, including Aidan Moesby, Chris Plant and Amy Welch, who took patterns within Durham Cathedral for her inspiration.

Emma Boyes' creation at Durham railway station drew on the heritage of the North East while Finola Finn suspended a throbbing red heart inside The Count's House exploring ideas of the self.

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