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In my family, personal growth is not something you see a professional about -- unless it starts to itch."You begin by writing a dream mate list so you can get clarity about what you want," Katherin told me as we started our pseudo session (she usually charges 0 for an hour's worth of advice -- take that, 1-900-HOT-TALK -- but agreed to walk me around the bases while I interviewed her).Instead, she focused on "empowering people to find love and happiness." Her Web site, Making Love Work4U.com, included an impressive roster of coaching credentials and made mention of dream mate lists, meeting emotional needs, and feng shui, an approach that seemed far more woo-woo than wingman.Of course, to me, drinking tea and using words like "empowering" also were pretty woo-woo.

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Much of it consists of rolling hillsides, with the highest elevations found in the north, northwest, and southwest.Leached brown soils predominate in much of southern England.Fine-grained deposits of alluvium occur in the floodplains, and fine marine silt occurs around the Wash estuary.Since he made that decision, Dimitri has noticed a change in his relationships.He's dated them about a dozen times apiece and then they've made a mutual decision to part.

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