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So may be you will send me sms message and I will answer you that I am waiting for your call? The last email to which I have not yet responded, requests that I assist with US5 travel, and Visa expenses to visit me - and urges urgency due to her holiday, and states that she had asked her mother to sell her garden to pay for it! I tried to find the love at myself in Russia, but at me it to fail. They said that it is the best price here in Russia. They said that there are sits on flight on next Sunday. I have never tried it because it's new (only the second year). I use to go to work by feet but now it's impossible. This deadline is mandated by government department sponsoring these programs, not our office. As for me I am ready to become the fond and tender wife, good housewife for this man. Next week may be I will try to do and I quite worry about it... I like nature very much and to watch nature (my road is near river Volga) is pleasure. To reapply, her process could take between 6-10 months to be reapproved again and there is no guarantee that she would be approved once again. I want, that it was the kind, sympathetic, decent and clever man. I would like to learn your thoughts and intentions. I can't promise you anything, let's be the friends. About my work I really don't know what do I have to tell... Now is the beginning of lent term and we have to prepare for it at work. Sometimes in the evening I meet with my friend Julia (she is my best friend). We understand that you may be interested in herarriving to your country to meet with you. This will cover all of her legal documents, visa and travel costs. You know at our Academy we have also students from Asia and we teach them three studying years in English. Sometimes we meet with other friends, but not so often. Please be aware that Oksana has a deadline of March 21, 2002, to begin her process to your country, otherwise she will need to reapply.

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