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This means if you two would like to become married or engaged and reapply for marriage visa or fiance visa it will supercede the restrictions of student visa. After about 12 letters she wanted to fly to me but didn't know how to. I am very cheerful woman and very much love children.

I would like to meet with you in Cyprus specially I don't need a Visa there. For now we have flights from Volgograd to Sharm-Al-Sheih (I don't know right writing) in Egypt on 23 March and back on 31, also we have charter to Dubai (Arabic Emirates) may be once or twice a week. I have a mobile phone but it's too expensive for me to speak on it for a long time (it's expensive here and also income calls from abroad will cost more anyway. The first few of these emails are nearly identical to those on your site, but further evolved - listed on your site under Page 74: Updates 28 February 2002, Page 3 - Olya (Yoshkar-Ola, Russia) / AKA Natalya Dementyeva, Marina. The photographs sent to me (4 of) are identical to those on your site under Olya (Yoshkar-Ola, Russia) Brad Clinch Kind day. I am adjusted very seriously to create the family, I to think that you as is adjusted seriously. I checked the price from Moscow and it is about 620 USD.

Dear Adel I am sorry for delay of my replay but I was so tired after working week. I think that we have charter flights directly from Volgograd to Larnaca but in summer only. Dear Adel practically every evening I am home and I will be very glad to speak to you. I received an email via, stating that she was wanting to have "serious attitudes" with me on 27th Feb 2002. The last received was a request for contribution towards US5 to visit me. I want to have with you acquaintance and to create the serious attitudes. I very much to want, what I to find the love with you and to create happy family. I was told that it will be cheaper to fly from Moscow. They work with Aeroflot Airlines, it is Russian airlines company.

PS Dear Adel which e-mail address is preferably for you? Thank you very much for your letter with compliments about my English (really it was nice of you) and your card with congratulation on Valentine's Day! The best way to prepare something like tourist Visa through a travel agency. There woman said to me that it needs nearly two or three weeks and it costs approximately 150 USD. And I to not want to be engaged sex with the not favourite man. I to want to try to find with you our love and to create happy family. I am very glad so soon to receive from you the letter.

Dear Adel I also think that meeting is the best way to know each other... So I have learnt some information today about Visa to Germany. At first I am not a students, after all bureaucratic machine and so on... But the men adjusted not seriously came across me, they to want only sex. I like to sing when someone play on guitar or piano.

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