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Substance abuse is partly a war waged in a person’s mind, but is also a weapon used by Satan to control people and turn them against God.Vices (in this case, drugs and alcohol) prevent a person from achieving their full, spiritual potential and allow the body to control the mind (instead of the other way around, which is the LDS ideal, and the reasoning behind the strict rules on indulgences and pleasures).What if you haven’t confessed to your bishop all your past sins like having sex, but you have already gone through the process of repentance and it’s abeen a couple of years passed..And you feel the blessings and guidance of the Holy Ghost again.Top of Page The codes of clean and healthy living, turning away from anything that might compromise physical and spiritual health, are found in the Word of Wisdom, a section of the book of Doctrine and Covenants.There is no engaging with LDS culture and community without adhering to the Word of Wisdom – no baptism, no missionary work, no school admission, and no temple admission.Natasha is the founder and current president of the Mormon Mental Health Association.

A blog where Natasha answers questions from the public, as well as offers her opinions on a variety of topics that may be relevant to readers in regards to topics being covered in the news, issues the LDS Church is tackling and more.There are constant reminders and beacons of temptation in everyday life, so having a firm foundation of accountability and encouragement is key for successful sobriety.For people in the Mormon Church, the high standards of physical and spiritual purity provide a foundation where they can live a healthy and inspired lifestyle.Do you still need to confess to your bishop and be in the process again?Living sober after a substance abuse problem can be the biggest test of resolve and determination that anyone can go through.

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