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Write on the board a large selection of words that you want to recycle.

Choose one word (at random) and ask the class if they can find another word on the board that they can associate with it.

Teachers will need to devise their own system of referencing so that they can easily find activities they want to try out.The final chapter (chapter 8: ‘Task design’) provides an excellent summary of the possibilities of communicative online interaction, and more experienced teachers may want to read this chapter first.Chapter 7 provides a useful, but necessarily fairly brief, overview of considerations regarding feedback and assessment Overall, is a very rich resource, and one that will be best mined in multiple visits.Again, like many recipe books, is a mix of generic task-types and activities that will only work with the supporting materials that are provided.Teachers will enjoy the latter, but will want to experiment with the former and it is these generic task-types that they are most likely to add to their repertoire.

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