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He probably spent most of his life in Jerusalem, enjoying his greatest influence under King Hezekiah (see 37:1-2). Several NT verses refer to the prophet Isaiah in connection with various parts of the book: Mt -21 (Isa 42:1-4); Mt 3:3 and Lk 3:4 (Isa 40:3); Ro ,20 (Isa 53:1; 65:1); see especially Jn -41 (Isa 53:1; ). 1 - 39 occurred during Isaiah's ministry (see 6:1; ; 36:1), so these chapters may have been completed not long after 701 b.c., the year the Assyrian army was destroyed (see note on ).

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Zagar’s artwork is heavily influenced by his travels and the personal connections he has made with international folk and visionary artists.Zagar has received grants for his artistic excellence from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Pew Charitable Trusts for his work in Interdisciplinary Arts.Isaiah Zagar has gained recognition in various films and publications, most notably in the 2008 documentary, In A Dream, created by his son, Jeremiah Zagar.God is "the Holy One of Israel" (see 1:4; 6:1 and notes) who must punish his rebellious people (1:2) but will afterward redeem them (,16).Israel is a nation blind and deaf (6:9-10; 42:7), a vineyard that will be trampled (5:1-7), a people devoid of justice or righteousness (5:7; 10:1-2).

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