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She thanked me for the sermon, and she commented about how I always use culture, or more specifically, pop culture, in my sermons, which she liked. R Tolkien lived by: “In Jesus Christ all the myths come true.” What this means, simply, is that God has written the gospel on our hearts, and therefore, sometimes some of the gospel appears in our stories.

Indeed, I do commonly mention some kind of culture as a sermon illustration. This is why I can so easily use culture as sermon illustrations.

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I’ve already used televisions show and music, so this time, let’s use a movie.

I know a lot of the previous examples I gave might be more relatable to young audiences because they are more recent, so let’s use a classic.

I have used the sitcom the Office to display how everyone wants a second chance, like the second chance Jesus gave Peter in John 21.

In fact, we use the heart as an expression and idiom a lot in the English language.

After a nasty encounter with a witch who wants her ruby red slippers, she feels quite unwelcomed and longs to go back home, but the only one who can bring her home is the Wizard of Oz, residing in Emerald City.

The munchkins of Munchkin land inform Dorothy that she’ll get to Emerald City as long follows the yellow brick road.

But as the tin man sings his hit song for which this sermon is named, “If I Only A Heart,” the audience realizes the tin man is not talking about a literal heart.

The tin man sings that he could be “tender, gentle, and awfully sentimental,” he could, “register emotion, jealousy and devotion, and he could be “kind of human,” if he only had a heart. Instead, this is a metaphor, a symbol to represent emotions.

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