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Other viewers ask Bell how old she is, ask if she makes money from You Now, and suggest she uses a fork instead of a whisk for the pancakes.

In June, she earned “partner” status, meaning she can make money from fans who “tip” her.

“Sustainable is one thing but these startups are not starting up to be sustainable.

They’re starting up to become rich.”Live streaming has generated an increasing amount of interest among tech investors in recent months.

For You Now, a live-streaming network popular with teens that launched in 2011, the revenue model relies on users purchasing virtual currency through i Tunes or Google Play then using it to “tip” their favourite broadcasters or buy them gifts.

A paid subscription option for .99 per month gives watchers additional chat perks with select broadcasters.

Bell, a long-time You Tuber, started going live on You Now in 2011. ” asks one You Now user in the real-time chat running alongside Bell’s live video during the pancake broadcast.“Oh yeah, we have cartons as well.

Some adults worry about safety but the 20-somethings say their privacy — and bank accounts — are under control. She streams the whole routine and earns cash as she goes.“It’s kind of crazy to me that people are taking the time out of their day to watch me,” Bell told the Star. It’s crazy to wrap your head around that.”You Now is a live video-streaming website — different from You Tube because it lets broadcasters interact in real-time with viewers who chat with them in an accompanying live feed — that launched in 2011.

“For teens, it’s the most fascinating thing.”Matrix said the service helps young users connect with each other, form friendships and develop their sense of self.

It also gives broadcasters the tantalizing possibility of online fame.

This month You Now announced their partner numbers grew from 500 to 1,000 in less than three months.

For the future, both Quo and Bell say they just hope their You Now audiences keep growing — Quo especially. “But three months down the road, I don’t know where I’m going to be.

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