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It's not the money, the truck / bus guy said 50 baht. I walked from the Tweet tweet today to Devils Den, then walked back a different route.

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Along the way I found this little fruit market and had an impromptu lesson on all these new kinds of fruit I've never seen before from one of the ladies that was selling the fruit. I rented a motorbike last time I was there and whole it was fun, I missed just walking around. Once saw bunch of girls rip into a guy who was taking photos of them. The vast majority of the girls at a G club like Kinnaree are definitely in their 30's.Rocky 2300 had previously reached out to ISG members looking for advice being that it's his first trip ever to Thailand and Pattaya.He had private messaged me earlier for some guidance and perhaps show him the spots in Pattaya.It might be even a better Idea to walk from Soi 6 because you are right that the girls are spread out all along Beach Road.It will be good exercise and fun to see so many freelancers.

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