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Sure, she had seen the disturbed ground made by pigs rooting for food but apart from brief glimpses of a few pigs she had seen nothing extraordinary.Something disturbed Jenny as she struggled with her pallet of colors trying to capturing the variegated light that filtered through the paperbark trees that fringed the swamp.Still he persisted with his larger than usual pig stories. ” he would insist, “Them pigs is huge, one big boar must be seven or eight hundred pounds.Huge he is, caught him trying to get at my sows the other day and scared him off with my shotgun.Jenny had heard these stories for most of her life and like the other folk in town had paid old Joe little attention.As a youngster she had used the fringes of the swamp as a playground and now, almost twenty, she often camped by the swamp for days on end to paint and photograph the abundant wildlife.The Boar eyed Jenny up and down slowly as he edged even closer sniffing loudly as he came.By now he was certain that this was a female in heat.

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As was Jennie’s habit she slipped on a painting smock that she used for sleeping attire and returned to the tent to prepare her evening meal. The meal finished Jenny moved several yards from the tent to relieve her.An early start in the morning would enable here to photograph the birds as they departed on their long day of foraging. Because the light attracted insects jenny had placed it on a stand under the flap outside the tent and needed to leave the tent to turn it off.The big Boar had seen the shape inside the tent move and backed off a little.So deeply that Jenny looked up briefly at the unusual noise but decided that it was just a night bird or bat and settled back to reading.The big pig was now certain that he had found what he sought, a female in season.

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