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Cruising wasn’t as hardcore as it was in the Nineties. When cruising started, every time you left the house, it felt like you were trespassing on male territory. And to this day she talks like that when she’s on the phone with a man. You’re almost thirty, like, when are you going to stop talking to guys that way?

And you wouldn’t want to give out your home number to three guys in a row, anyway, because you also had to give the illusion that there was only one Khaled — or whatever his name was. My older sister was a teenager in the Eighties, and she and her friends would just, like, hang out at record stores. It was just, really, a lot of giggling, and then a lot of “You’re the moon! She had started maybe a year before me and was much more savvy, much more sophisticated, more womanly than I was. Lebanese women were considered more seductive, you know, they were easier to get.Because the majority of marriages in Kuwait are arranged, it was always important for guys to figure out the possibility of a phone-date becoming a suitable bride.He might tail you to your house, or have a friend tail you.Thus, I have derived a list (based on my experiences) on what it takes for a person to be qualified as a typical Kuwait person. You are good at playing football but lack the footballer’s body 2. Beirut, London, and Bangkok are your ideal vacation spots 11. You cannot live without an “European Satellite Dish”. You watch football more than an English man would normally watch 14.You love playing “Kout Bo Setah” but hate playing Uno 3. You eat with your bare hands…even when dine in a restaurant. Your idea of “dating” is to chase girls around at “The Love Street” 6. Your taste in western music is based on the current, generated hype 8. Your idea of liberalism is to drink and have sex but not to eat pork 15.

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