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The journal would have helped to keep memories alive. Athan) ex-boys who have the entry journal and can send me a copy or a spare original if you have one it would be most helpful to put us on the map.

Interested to know if there are any like myself that are interested in communicating with each other to reminisce our days in the Squadron? Olive LAC Gun Armourer I was a member of the 3500 (County of Kent) Fighter Control Unit based at Cliftonville in the mid 50s as a radar Operater, till it was closed down.

I think that I can recall a fair percentage of those in hut N13 and my fellow tradesmen but that is all so far. Regards, Don (ex D flight, 2 Squadron, 1 Wing, East Camp, RAF St.

Athan.) Further to the above: - We have made progress in that we have established more ex-boys from our Entry.

He was John Patrick Smith a doctors son from Bolton lancs He enjoyed those four years in the RAF even tho his training took him to Manitoba, he left in 1956 to collect his 500 gratuity which helped buy one of our homes.

On one leave he hitched across America, with his friend Bob.

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