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I love the concept of men looking through blue glasses whereas girls look through pink glasses.

Sadly, this is a step up from my last boyfriend who did a total, utter and complete disappearing act after six weeks of what I thought was awesome dating – he called me every day, took me out every weekend and treated me like his girlfriend (until he didn’t). We can quibble with the details, of course, but this is just one anecdote.The Navy predicts the seawater fuel would cost about -6 per gallon, and could be commercially viable within a decade. I discovered it recently and have really been enjoying it. Then, when our girls ask how it was, we won't roll our eyes and proclaim you a T. Newsflash: If the sex is over less than 10 minutes before it started, with some exceptions, we barely had a chance to get into it before you were done with it. Women are notoriously slower to get into it, so take your time.

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