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And of course the seduction had been doomed to failure from the start!

Becky was a really hot girl but was the biggest cock-teaser in college despite flirting outrageously with the better-looking boys, which of course included me.

"My fans have been so brilliant since the time I joined Twitter. But their complaint is that I don't upload videos regularly.

So, I thought of sharing a very sexy video and what occasion could be better than Christmas.

I took a long drag on my cigarette and blew a smoke ring into the air as I fingered the letter 'C' on the chain round my neck.

The truth was that I was both stupid and conceited.

But why-oh-fucking-why had I thought she would have changed in only a couple of months?

Why had I been stupid enough to think that things would be different this time?

Audrey claps her hands out of excitement until he reveals his monstrous cock.

My friends were mostly away at University, there was no football to go to and there was nothing else to do so in true nineteen-year-old style, I was sitting in an old armchair in the shed at the end of the garden, filling the time having a slow smoke and a beer stolen from my Dad's fridge. Her parents were away and I had fully expected to get into her knickers big-time that night but of course we'd had a mega-row that very morning and, for the moment at least, the day trip was off, the sleepover cancelled and I was dumped! I had cycled to Cindy's house early that morning so we could use her parents' SUV for the trip but when I arrived there I found her spitting fire from the moment she opened the door.

I was supposed to be spending the day at a theme park with my girlfriend Cindy followed by sleeping over at her house.

Mumbai: Controversial actress Poonam Pandey says she will share a "sizzling" video on December 25 with her loyal Twitter fans.

Joined in February 2011, she has as many as 7,18,057 followers on the micro-blogging site.

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