Modded gamerscore not updating christiaan dating

Here's hoping Microsoft's changes can help matters.

Sometime or another, all Xbox users have yearned to get their gamerscore to unimaginable thresholds—for bragging and egotistical purposes. However, I also don't want to mod my gamerscore, because it's just unfair and not as much fun as doing it the honest way.

I've got the same issue - gamerscore says 69,504 on console but shows up as 69.454 on

It was a 50 point achievement in Arkham City that's caused the discrepancy I think; I forced a scan before I earned it and everything matched up. Like Spilner says, hopefully just a sync issue with Xbox Live. There are problems happening now and again on the 360 too. The cheevos are unlocked on the console and the game in question's total is correct, just not added to my total GS. FINALLY it shows my 100% completion of The Lego Movie game. There are currently 3,484,503 forum posts across the 7,596 forums.

Cheats can add new life into a game once you're done, but since the same can't be done with a gamerscore, we're going to mod a secondary gamertag.

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If you really do care about the idea of achievements and challenges on your Xbox One, then you must be aware of its significance in raising your score as well as claiming of rewards.

A "fundamental change" to Xbox achievements is coming, Microsoft has teased.

The rework will address the different ways people play games - to highlight people who only play a smaller selection of games but do so a lot, or who only play one game at a very high level.

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