Moxie dating

I'll read a book while he and the baby nap, and the big kids play nearby. Finally, sometimes it's easier to get a sitter on a Saturday morning than a Saturday night–so we'll go for a bike ride, maybe stop at the bakery.

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So I bought a romantic music CD, cooked a great dinner, and sent the kids to the sitter.

On Saturdays, after the yard work is done, the house cleaned, and the kids tucked in to bed after a dinner that came off the BBQ, my husband and I will share a pitcher of margaritas and sit outside.

When the mosquitoes get too bad, we'll head inside, take the laptop to bed, and watch cheesy ghost hunting shows, making fun of their fakeness.

Its more than obivoius he is yarning for some specail us time but he will never say it or act like they are a bother I’ve just started seeing someone and all these ideas are really good- I really like the board game idea, it’s so fun and simple!

I recently set up a date night where I hang some lanterns in the back yard (just to make it look a little more romantic) and we lay in a double hammock with a bottle of wine, under the stars playing 20 questions, and just chatting.

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