Muslim girls dating jewish boys

In Roman Catholic communities, Confirmation ceremonies are considered one of seven sacraments that a Catholic may receive during their life.

In many countries, it is traditional for Catholics children to undergo another sacrament, First Communion, at the age of 7 years old.

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Where women enjoy a more equal status with men, girls benefit from greater attention to their needs.

Many cultures have traditional customs to mark the "coming of age" of a girl or boy, to recognize their transition to adulthood, or to mark other milestones of their journey to maturity as children.

Japan has a coming-of-age ritual called Shichi-Go-San (七五三), which literally means "Seven-Five-Three".

Schools were segregated in France until the end of World War II.

Since then, compulsory education laws have raised the education of girls and young women throughout Europe.

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