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« #129 on: June 05, 2009, AM » -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Quote from: prodigy123 on June 05, 2009, AM Hi, Me n your sis could hook up.

Holla - [email protected] from: egire on June 05, 2009, AM please i no mind if u can connect me to your sister,am complete african man u guys shuld get a life and stop lookin for a source of green card. u're a tiptypicalample of wanwannabe disgust me, u f**king son of a b**chreading all message, can't see enough back from the 1st poster, seems U gat to tell ur sis to keep up the street nigezies, dont think a conference hall or any stuff gathering can fetch u a better person, talk to the guy ur family already tied his hand so he can refer another type of his to the family, I think dat will be much better than u allow people playing up ur intelli, u c dat dey've turn ur stuff to another issue selling at the market in timeguys love is all about feeling,finding a guy for your sis is not right thing to do, if your sis want a naija guy there are lot of naija guy everywhere, am also a naija you can hook up on my number 08068714296, my name is tunde but my friend call me jojo, kisses and hugs Ok this explains your mentality. Unlike American in Nigiera Education is key to everything.

), giving out her womanhood to anything only to turn around to HATE Naija men? Cos I don't get that with men from other countries.

For example, read this thread again and see how Nigerian women are quick to castigate Nigerian men, to make us less desirable. No2Atheism (m): Re: How Can A Black American Girl Get A Nigerian Guy?

I'm surprised bawomolo, jassie and the rest of the needy ones havent shown up yet, complete with body armor and helmets, ready to defend somebody's "honour" tales by moonlight. She has responded to my post already, so what's your own again? The way you people go on and on, one would think nobody meets jamaicans or whoever in real life.

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“I wouldn’t even want to do it that night, I’ll wait for about 3 months so my husband and I can get to know each other more. The small wiry girl with the unpopular opinion strode to the middle of the room to deliver her counterargument in an animated fashion. Also none of us knew what the act entailed, we just knew that after kissing, the guy lay on top of the girl and something magical happened. One Tuesday, a day student braved all odds to import into school a hardcore magazine that she had discovered in her brother’s room.She thinks they are usually more attractive than black American men.And also African men usually are more intelligent (not inherently I am guessing that African people have a more family oriented culture), and less confrontational than African American guys from what we have seen of African guys. So, this is no scam and when I said get I meant into serious relationship that will eventually lead to marriage. Are they too culturally incompatible for the relationship to last?What are some good places for an American girl living in America to meet a Nigerian guy?

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