Nerd dating nyc

About a half-hour later I received a text from my date saying something along the lines of, ‘My bad?Taking the call was rude but necessary.’ My response: ‘No, just rude.’” Michelle Frankel, a professional matchmaker in Manhattan, says a lot of newly rich (or paper-rich) startup honchos are still figuring out how to navigate their new baller status.It has cheap beer, friendly people, and what must be a lifetime collection of comic memorabilia covering the walls.In a Batcave this cozy, your chances of unmasking that shadowy figure amongst the figurines can’t be beat. Take a stroll around the Scott Eder Gallery in Dumbo, the only gallery in the city dedicated to comic book art. It's part of what makes living here so interesting. How will you ever meet your soulmate when you're both at home boning up on experimental French cinema?Where can you find someone who will love you and your stacks-upon-stacks of classic comic books? But, make sure you're heading to a place where you're bound to meet-cute with someone just your style.When Deborah, a 32-year-old who works at a media company in NYC, agreed to a date with a techie she met on JSwipe, a Jewish singles dating app, she was excited — they both grew up in the same area and went to a Big 10 school.“Almost immediately he explained how he was the [chief operating officer] of a startup with offices throughout the country, managed a huge team of people and worked with clients across the globe, meaning long hours and calls during all hours of the night.

New York City is the perfect place to embrace your inner nerd.

Gone are the days of nice nerds, like Mark Zuckerberg, hoping to change the world.

In are the Evan Spiegels — the Snapchat CEO who recently wed supermodel Miranda Kerr and whose Stanford frat emails had the touching sign-off: “f–kbitchesgetleid.” One of the biggest offenders is Uber founder Travis Kalanick.

Chat up the lucky bibliophile amongst the gorgeous book-lined walls of this Greenpoint getaway — it's a café by day and a wine bar/restaurant by night. Bryant Park The New York Public Library is a great place to peek at potential dates, but it’s a little harder to actually meet them — most rooms are too quiet for that bombastic laugh you do when you’re trying to flirt. In nice weather, you can find lots of studied-out bookworms relaxing and, perhaps, looking for a friend to explore the card catalog with. Instead, stop by the Paley Center to catch weekend screenings of shows like '90s Nicktoons or Landmark Sunshine Cinema Sure, you kinda have to keep it down once you’re inside the movie theater, but in line outside the Sunshine is a great place to strike up a conversation with a fellow Godard-head.

Twenty Sided Store Yearning to find the perfect 8th-level rogue for your 7th-level cleric? Then, grab a seat together and split a box of Junior Mints. ")Apple Store Nothing can bring two nerds closer than grousing over their technology woes while waiting for attention from the Genius Bar.

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