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"We believe that no one should ever have to feel alone — and should be able to put themselves out there, even if they feel like they’re not in the majority." The location-based feed lets you post to your location without worrying that your friends will recognize you by identifying details; your post will be labeled only with your location.Social networks that cloak identity have never been more popular — or more highly valued."Feels better after a nice chat with an old friend," read a post in my feed this week.And yet, anecdotally at least, gossip also helped to drive people read up on local gossip — but should you?If they're concerned about this, the founders don't show it."Everything we should do should allow for people to feel more comfortable posting," Bader says.Gone are the slow-loading square photos overlaid with words; in their place is a Twitter-like feed with snippets of text.You can still add a photo to your post, but it appears in a circular thumbnail next to the text.

To its credit, Secret has mostly avoided troubles like these."It’s more important what is said than who said it.Our goal is to facilitate conversation — either in a physical location, or socially, with your friends." About conversation: Secret now enables private, one-on-one messaging between users.The company has invested heavily in moderation, hiring top executives from Facebook to lead its team, and took steps to prevent users from naming individuals in posts.But it's also true that getting rid of people's names in Secret that many people stopped using it.

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