Nicholas hoult dating 2016

In The Current War, he stars opposite Benedict Cumberbatch — who plays the inventor Thomas Edison — and took science lessons with the Sherlock actor, 41, to prepare for the role. [He] said that I did better than him [at one lesson] but I don’t think I did...I was trying to understand electromagnets and dynamos and all those sorts of things.” On the sexual harassment scandal, Hoult said: “I feel, more and more with everything that’s going on in the news at the moment, a responsibility to pay more attention, to be aware of those things and to change them because that’s not how I want the world to be.

During their time together, they never walked a red carpet together, nor did they ever discuss their relationship. "Chris doesn't really want the relationship to end, but he needs to be flexible so he can see his family as much as possible...

"The privacy thing obviously changes but the rest pretty much stays the same," Hold told in 2014.

"It's like that thing whereby you don't believe your own hype.

However, it looks like their meeting was nothing romantic, as Stewart is reportedly smitten with her new girlfriend, So Ko.

According to the Inquisitr, Stewart and So Ko were recently spotted together in Paris.

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