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It is also caused by a mutation in a tumor suppressor gene (NF2 or merlin).

The normal function of merlin is not well understood.

NF 1 has a disorder frequency of 1 in 4,000, making it more common than neurofibromatosis type 2, with a frequency of 1 in 45,000 people.

Saya harap tulisan ini dapat menamba H wawasan pembaca,sekaligus mencegah kelainan menjadi anomali yang sangat parah seperti yang dilaporkan oleh sejawat dari Amerika Serikat. Juni 2011 Dr Iwan suwandy, MHA ENGLISH VERSION: Neurofibromatosis is a disorder (anomaly or Osis) Medical from the growing tissue (fibro) nerve (neuro) new (neoplasms or tumors) are abnormal, though it may be benign, but malignant demaged caused the body and face posture ‘s demage .

Without view the patients directly, you definitely will not be imaging how the appearance of the patient, for a light I’ve ever seen as the body with swelling of skin tissue that is very much like a like a tree with hanging fruit, but in extreme cases look like a human monster, the case This new reported by the physician experts tumor (Oncology) from the Hospital (Hospital) in the United States, there are two reported cases.

One must keep in mind, however, that neurofibromatosis can occur in or affect any of the organ systems, whether that entails simply compressing them (from tumor growth) or in fact altering the organs in some fundamental way.

This disparity in the disorder is one of many factors that makes it difficult to diagnose, and eventually find a prognosis for.

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