Odessa women dating

Ruffin, who last month had dinner with Trump at the White House, admitted that as single men, the two friends had been on double dates together in Florida.

Both ended up marrying models who were decades younger than them.

Her 26-year-old student married a 72-year-old billionaire Ruffin, who is worth .6 billion, according to Forbes.

“Trump was the groom’s best man, smiling and friendly with Melania at his side—we all had so much fun and danced all night,” Savchenko recalled the wedding party that took place.

Foreign men hunting for wives in Odessa, complain that all women see is their wallets and that it is hard to build a romantic relationship under such financial pressure.

“But that door is closed, both Oleksandra and Ruffin are extremely careful and closed from all contacts—that is what I try to explain to all TV crews bothering me,” Savchenko said.

To Ukrainian poor, to young and pretty women displaced by war, Nikolayenko’s story sounds like a fairy tail.

On these spring days Ukraine’s Black Sea resort of Odessa is full of Western men.

English, Italian, Arabic and French can be heard around her graceful cafes and restaurants—the romance hunters are chasing slim, big-eyed, tall Ukrainian beauties with shiny long hair.

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