Ohno satoshi dating misono

LOL and when Jhonny’s sing Love so sweet together,, I like that! ❤My name is Dee, I’m just an ordinary girl in random,kindly,sometimes cute..

Succes for you and Arashi~ ❤ I’ll support and love you! They have SUGOI ability to sing,dance and also they really kakkkoooiiiiii!!!

They will each prepare an educational project that can be enjoyed together with their fans, though the specific contents have not yet been decided. 😀 Arashi’s 35th Single~ Lotus Release on 2011/02/23 2 versions LE CD DVD JACA-5258 ¥1,470(税込)(初回限定盤) LIST: Limited Edition (LE) ~CD 収録内容>(2曲) M1.Lotus M2.タイトル未定A ~DVD 収録内容> Lotus(ビデオ・クリップ) Reguler Edition (RE) CD only JACA-5260 ¥1,200(税込) tracklist <CD収録内容>(3曲+オリジナル・カラオケ3曲) M1.Lotus M2.タイトル未定A M3.Boom Boom M4.Lotus(オリジナル・カラオケ) M5.タイトル未定A(オリジナル・カラオケ) M6.Boom Boom(オリジナル・カラオケ) theyyyyyyyyyyy loooooooks amazing in this PV!

It is reported that they currently do not plan to perform any songs during the events.

Arashi has announced that they will hold charity events at Tokyo Dome on June 24-26. This will be his first release since he switched his label from J-One Records to Warner Music Japan. especially today~~ I’m so stupid…and get wrong about my schedule’s exam! I hope Masaki will following his step for marrying.not now please.. oh poor Nino…u said that and now she take ur lovely fisherman from ur arms! this is last update for me in 2010~ I’m really grateful with my blog stat today! I’m spamming about Kohaku and Jhonny’s countdown here sakuraifacts this year kohaku really impressive..it’s not biased. especially when Arashi sing “Furusato” the special song in this kohaku..

The members were originally planning to kick off their nationwide tour with those dates, but after the Tohoku earthquake in March, they initially considered canceling the concerts. And there’s “Murasaki”,his solo song that he’s perform in Concert with KAT-TUN before~~ well…people waiting this too! I’ve planning to visit Bali.I hope when I visit Bali, I can accidentally meet him! Arashi sing Furusato Congratulations for Arashi and White Team.won again this year in Kohaku! they really great entertainer,they can do many thing! They sing Kohaku’s SP medley 2010~ Troublemaker and Monster.use Golden^^ so shining! ^^, Arashi’s performance in Kohaku they change costume around 5 times maybe??

The new version will cost 1,050 yen, and all of the revenue will be given to charity. XDDD just download and watching here~~ ARASHI Android_au and this CM making wallpaper all this CM soooo lovely! A total of five events will be held – one on June 24, and two each on June 25 and 26. Since the fans will be limited to the stands, a seated capacity of 45,000 is available for each show, for a possible total audience of 225,000. On July 6, the group will release a new album titled “Beautiful World.” Member Matsumoto Jun stated that they chose the title to reflect their thoughts about how things will turn out since the earthquake. The track list is currently undecided, but it is said that at least one of the new songs has a techno-like element. ugh…it seems many people forget about Jin..huhuhu.. I can say,this year still Arashi’s year…I hope in 2011 they more and more popular and got many love from people! may God always bless you and bring you happiness and love… and something really make today so special is JYJ being able to appear for the first time performing on TV after dbsk split~~and Yoochun winning the best newcomer actor award at KBSdrama awards it’s really make my day~~ everyone! ヽ(◕ัˇ◡◕ัˇ✿)/ keep support Arashi in 2011^^~ and I hope still many people read my blog^^ and give comment~ I just wanna make a friend.. ~ that cheerful personality only belongs to you ~ and that’s cheerful personality never fail to cheer me up!

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