Other radioactive dating methods hiz and herz dating

That’s why researchers had to stumble upon this discovery in the most unlikely of ways.

A team at Purdue University needed to generate a string of random numbers, a surprisingly tricky task that is complicated by the fact that whatever method you use to generate the numbers will have some influence on them.

Once the researchers conclusively ruled out environmental influences, that left the Sun as the only possible cause of the decay variations.

That suggests two things: one that’s theoretically puzzling, and another that’s hugely exciting from a practical perspective.The Sun is changing the supposedly constant rates of decay of radioactive elements, and we have absolutely no idea why.But an entirely unknown particle could be behind it.If that weren’t the case, carbon-14 dating wouldn’t tell us anything reliable about the age of archaeological materials, and every chemotherapy treatment would be a gamble.It’s such a fundamental assumption that scientists don’t even bother testing it anymore.

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