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As we update our site, you might notice that some pages have a different appearance.We appreciate your patience while we work to bring you the best Canadian conversations in a new and innovative format that you can access from any device.We love to keep the blinds open, or have sex outside or make love in the car. The walls are thin enough that you can almost make out entire conversations if people are not careful.The first such incident happened when we first went to a nude beach together. My room mate is a much more private person than I am.He was behind me and I was behind my gf when my gf's younger sister and 4 of her friends walk in on us. They ran upstairs when they realized what they were seeing. My husband and I were having great time and after having a session at night we woke up late in hotel and rushed to have breakfast after coming back from breakfast I went to into shower and he joined me in there and it was a... I was 17, Dad was out of town and me and my sister being the teens we were had a kickass house party while he was gone :) I met a cute guy from School who I kind of had a crush on, he was very athletic and tall, good looking and me and him were both a...once younger by son i was with my wife in the bed then later in life i was dressed with a older male friend and his grown daughter came in his house and walked into the bedroom and caught him on top of me we did not know she was there until he finished and got up my family have at the beach in our hometown at the end of the afternoon as the beach was emptying out for tourists to go for their evening meal, or whatever. few) that still gets brought up even 20 years later was after a new years eve party and my girlfriend and I after a big night went to sleep in my ford station wagon, did not take long before we were both naked and enjoying each other company and apparently my friends did not...I was inside still with one of our mutual friends, having sex!

I want over for her family party it was fun and everything everybody started getting drunk even me so later on that night my ex garb me and told me to come to her room so we went and we started kissing so that lead to touching & you know what happen so later did you know they... Zachy and I had just been married, and we were enjoying our Hawaiian honeymoon.

He was ******* me from behind and fingering my ***, when my dad walked in. To preface this story I need to inform the reader that my boyfriend, Bob, is being transferred by his company. He was cool about it, we shook hands and properly introduced ourselves. The shortest of skirts, still showing the bottom of my ***, with no underwear on. I just had to wink at a guy with an obvious bulge in his pants and he was leading me to the closest janitors... i have been having hot, passionate sex with my boyfriends dad for the last 3 months.

Our twenty month old relationship is coming to an amicable ending. One day I was with a friend of mine, Molly, and we thought we were home-alone. Yesterday as i was bent off the table in the kitchen with my boyfriends dad's **** up my *** the front door opens and in walks my boyfriends mother. One day my boyfriend and I had been out and found a desserted place to park.

I wouldn't call myself an exhibitionist, but I am very comfortable with my body...

So about two weeks ago, my boyfriend and I were having sex upstairs in his room- quietly.

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